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STRONG-R is the most advanced adult assessment tool available in the industry. It incorporates both static and dynamic risk factors, is gender-specific, and provides evidence-based measurements of change over time for each offender. Base models include prediction of violent, property, drug, and general felony re-offense.  Additionally, it can be completely customized to fit your jurisdiction’s needs.


The MPACT offers all of the features of the STRONG-R, and is designed specifically for youth involved in the justice system, assisting with dispositional recommendations, decisions regarding appropriate levels of supervision, and assessing and prioritizes a youth’s criminogenic needs for the most effective case planning and case management.


RPACT is designed for youth in residential settings, from short-term detention to long-term placement, and is designed to assess a youth’s level of risk to reoffend and criminogenic needs as they are presented in a residential environment.



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